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1.  Maintain a detailed list with the names and addresses of all of your bank accounts, any financial institutions noting your broker with contact numbers.        

2.  Have a valid and up to date will and provide the attorney’s name and number.  Do not keep your will in a safe deposit box as the bank may not allow access to your loved ones.

3.  Have a valid Power of Attorney.  You should also have a living will and a health care proxy.

4.  Check your beneficiary on all investment account(s).  Be sure to consult with your estate planning professional before naming a beneficiary. You may penalize the a loved one or a special needs individual if not set up correctly with a special needs attorney.

 5.   Choose the guardian for your children.  Don't leave it to others.

6.  Create a special needs trust for adults or children with disabilities as you do not want to penalize any benefits  they receive.  Your attorney should advise you how and when this is necessary.


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