Brandow Law offers 50% off initial consultation fees if done by telephone or video Skype.

Part of this strategy is to reduce our carbon foot print to prevent climate change. Climate

change is a challenge facing every one of us. Our responsibility starts with measuring

our harmful emissions. Car pollution is one of the major contributors of global warming.

Here at Brandow Law, we aim to reduce our footprint by eliminating, when possible, the

need for face to face consultations. Video conferencing via Skype and telephone

consultations are perfect alternatives to achieve this goal.

We also want to protect your health by avoiding direct contact during this time of the

Coronavirus outbreak. During this time our policy will adhere to limit "gatherings" until

there is a need, i.e. attorney supervision of signing your documents.

During our video or phone consultations, we answer your questions regarding your

specific needs. We also explain legal definitions and put together a plan of action that

suits your needs and goals. This may eliminate the stress of traffic as well for you.

To schedule a Skype or phone consultation, please submit your information on our

website,, or call the office at 631-675-2540. You will be

contacted by Amanda, Brandow Law’s paralegal. She will schedule a date and time for

your consultation. 

Thank you.

Regina Brandow, Esq


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