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Special Needs Trust & Guardianship


Regina Brandow, Esq


Planning for individuals and families with disabilities requires unique strategies to achieve maximum independence while maintaining the governmental benefits that they are entitled to.


Planning includes the individual's personal needs and protecting the available resources or funds.


Schedule a trust and estate consultation with Brandow Law to learn:


  • Why estate planning is needed for you and your family

  • How to protect your children and select the people you want to take care of them if need be

  • How proper planning can help you avoid probate and estate taxes

  • How to ensure that your business and assets go to the people you have chosen

  • How BrandowLaw can provide you with an estate plan tailored to your wishes

Other important areas of concern to explore:
  • Petition for Guardianship

  • How to secure a Supplemental Needs Trust while maintaining the resources and benefits available

  • How to protect your children and appoint those you want to select

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